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NFPA Fire Safety Training





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   in Sept. 21, 2005

OSHA Fined BP  $21,361,500

Fifteen killed, 107 injured in Texas plant explosion.

Make sure you know  OSHA reulations
 in the company you work for
It could mean your life



MSHA Training  OSHA Training
              US Citys .Gov

Alabama - MSHA  & OSHA Training 
Alaska -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Arizona -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Arkansas -MSHA & OSHA Training 
California- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Colorado- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Connecticut- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Delaware- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Florida -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Georgia - MSHA & OSHA Training 
Hawaii -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Idaho -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Illinois- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Indiana -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Iowa -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Kansas- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Kentucky -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Louisiana -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Maine- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Maryland -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Massachusetts -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Michigan -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Minnesota -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Mississippi- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Missouri-MSHA & OSHA Training 
Montana- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Nebraska -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Nevada MSHA & OSHA Training 
New Hampshire -MSHA & OSHA Training 
New Jersey- MSHA & OSHA Training 
New Mexico- MSHA & OSHA Training 
New York- MSHA & OSHA Training 
North Carolina -MSHA & OSHA Training 
North Dakota -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Ohio -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Oklahoma -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Oregon -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Pennsylvania -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Rhode Island -MSHA & OSHA Training 
South Carolina- MSHA & OSHA Training 
South Dakota -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Tennessee- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Texas -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Utah- MSHA  & OSHA Training 
Vermont- MSHA  & OSHA Training 
Virginia- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Washington- MSHA & OSHA Training 
West Virginia-MSHA & OSHA Training 
Wisconsin -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Wyoming -MSHA & OSHA Training 


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Link to Federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Website


Contact Local Federal & State OSHA Offices


Links to State OSHA Websites


Links to State OSHA Regulations


OSHA Injury & Illness Logs (Form 300, 300-A . . .)


Free Federal & State OSHA Posters


Free OSHA Publications, Forms, & Posters


MSHA Certified Contractors
OSHA Certified Contractors
 MSHA Safety Equipment
OSHA MSHA Training



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Safety is always our number one priority. 
 Zero Accidents, insist on implementing strict standards in accordance with OSHA along with other local City, State, and Government requirements.  Utilizing tools such as having a corporate safety policy, weekly safety meetings
at each project and site specific training and orientation along with safety inspections


Great Basin Safety
 OSHA MSHA Certified Classes

MSHA Training Instructors Special  Need or Circumstance?
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NEPA Fire Safety Training  



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You have the right to a safe workplace

Workers can ask OSHA to Inspect their Workplace 


If you are or become or are a
 MSHA Certified
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You should be familiar with the following subjects
Surface,Undergound,Surface and Underground,Aggregate,Metal,Coal,
certified MSHA instructor,MSHA Refresher, New Miner, Occupational Safety, Employment Law,
Asbestos Hazard Awareness,Basic First Aid,Behavior-Based Safety,Bloodborne Pathogens,Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR),Chemical Safety,Compressed Gases,Confined Space - Entry Level,Confined Spaces,Criticality Safety,Driver Safety,Electrical Safety,Emergency Response,Environmental Management,Excavation, Trenching and Shoring Safety,Fall Protection,Fire Safety,Flammable Liquid Safety, Fundamentals,Stability and Capacity,Load Handling,Safe Driving Practices,Safety Standards,Inspection and Maintenance Scaffold Safety,
Personal Protective Equipment
These are the types of classes you need to learn also
MSHA - Accident Prevention - Safety meetings on job site - Transportation & Commuication -
 First Aid/CPR - Explosives- Fire Prevention -Conveyor Safety -Ground Control --Miner's Right & Responsibilities -Labeling Requirements -Authority & Responsibilities of Supervisors & Miners Representatives - Cohe -Confined Spaces-Machine Guards  Warning signs -
 Hazardous Chemicals Flagers -


EPA Certified Training          MSHA Certified Contractors     MSHA Certified Training

MSHA Certified  Instructors.com 
Hazwoper http://www.osha.gov/html/faq-hazwoper.html - FAQs
Lead http://www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/renovation.htm - FAQs
http://nahbenews.com/nahbrenew/textonly/2010-09-10/1.html - New deadline
Haz Waste http://waste.custhelp.com - Hazardous Waste & RCRA
DOT http://www.phmsa.dot.gov/hazmat/training/requirements - DOT Training Requirements

  Hazwoper Certified Training  MSHA Training Courses  - MSHA Part 46



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                                   Solution To Safety
  • The process typically begins with a customized accident prevention assessment to determine your safety process, management system and belief systems.

  • Creation of an action plan that will simplify your safety process. This is usually a 1-2 page overview of expectations of how SSCI envisions your process based on our expertise and your current culture.

  • Preparing a 7 point simplified safety plan and strategy which involves different members of your organization. This includes recommendations on establishing some accountability for safety.

  • Conduct meetings with management and offering our recommendations on the system and reasons for it. Keep in mind, our systems will tie in with current systems and processes in place at your workplace to keep it simple.

  • Conduct a roll-out meeting of the process to supervisors and foremen and other managers along with expectations as described above.

  • Creation of a customized Accident Prevention Kit which includes orientation process and pre-planning system for field use.

    • Eliminating or reducing lost time, injury liability and costly lawsuits
    • Reducing insurance premiums
    • Reducing workers’ compensation expenses
    • Improve employees’ job satisfaction and assist with achieving higher quality and productivity
    • Improve business image
    • Reducing health care costs
      • Fall Protection
      • Pinch Points
      • Crane Safety
      • Ladders & Scaffolding
      • Documentation Manuals & Training Programs
      • Tool Box Talks
      • Proper Anchor Points
      • Electrical Safety
      • Emergency Evacuation Program
      • Overall Safety Compliance




 Great Basin Safety Divisional State Sites
Alabama MSHA Training - Arizona MSHA Training - Arkansas MSHA Training.com  - California MSHA Training - Colorado MSHA Training - Connecticut MSHA Training - Delaware MSHA Training - Elko MSHA Training - Florida MSHA Training - Georgia MSHA Training - Hawaii MSHA Training - Idaho MSHA Training - Illinois MSHA Training
Indiana MSHA Training -  Iowa MSHA TrainingKansas MSHA Training -Kentucky MSHA Training - Las Vegas MSHA Training - Louisiana MSHA Training - Maine MSHA Training  Maryland MSHA Training - Massachusetts MSHA Training - Michigan MSHA Training - Minnestoa MSHA Training -
 Mississippi MSHA Training - Missouri  MSHA Training -Montana MSHA Training  -  Nebraska MSHA Training - Nevada MSHA Training - New Hampshire MSHA Training -  New Jersey MSHA Training - New Mexico MSHA Training  - New York MSHA Trainin  - North Caolina MSHA Training North Dakota MSHA Training - Ohio MSHA Training  - Oklahoma MSHA Training Oregon MSHA Training  Pensylvania MSHA Training  - Reno MSHA Training-   Rohde Island MSHA Training -South Carolina MSHA Training - South Dakota MSHA Training - Tennessee MSHA Training Texas MSHA Training - Utah MSHA Training - Vermont MSHA Training - Virgina MSHA Training -  Washington MSHA Training   - Washington DC MSHA Training West Virgina MSHA Training -
- Winconsin MSHA Training
Wyoming MSHA Training   MSHA Class   

NEPA Fire Safety   NEPA Fire Safety Training


OSHA pursues a vigorous program of firm and fair enforcement to ensure compliance with safety and health requirements. When standards are violated, OSHA assesses penalties and seeks abatement of any hazards. In extreme cases,   Or the matter may be referred to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation. The Agency focuses its inspections on the most hazardous workplaces and emphasizes thorough inspections. Federal OSHA un programmed
 inspections are conducted in response to alleged hazardous conditions, and include imminent dangers, fatalities/catastrophes, complaints and referrals. Programmed inspections are selected according to nationalscheduling plans for safety and health.